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Photographing Seascapes

Hey Guys, I had very long break & here I am with some tips for shooting seascapes….

I am a fan of sea because I love the waves, I love the flow of water when it hits rocks. And the sunset/sunshine even when it’s raining sea is an amazing place to photograph.

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Shooting seascape is fun, we can find different perspective even if it’s a very limited access area. here I am talking about a new perspective of photographing Seascape. I know, many of you recognizes me as a long exposure photographer, but recently I have move bit ahead and was trying different exposures rather than taking photos of a silky smooth water flow. Having said I still does long exposure photography and That’s what i am going to talk about here.

Camera Settings 

Camera setting is depend on the mood you want, basically if you need a silky smooth water you might go till 15-30 sec Shutter and personally I’m shooting 14F aperture as I need to make sure that both foreground and background is in focus 7 not forget, I always shoot the less ISO, in my camera it is ISO 50. but you can’t use these setting every time, if you have bright light when shooting you have to use Filters ( ND, Neutral Density ). because if there is bright light your photo will be over exposed and ND filters can reduced it depend on its ND value.

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It’s simple to understand… The less light, the longer your shutter speed. so when you have a High stop I mean like 10 or 15 filters you can get a very long exposure. But I hardly use big stop filters, what I use mostly is 3 or 6 stops. There are various kind of filters, Graduated Filters are one of them, it can reduce the light from top of bottom. And there are CPL filters to can control  reflections and glare on the water.

Sony Play Memories Camera Apps : this one of the unique feature Sony mirrorless camera has. it has a Apps store and I have used The Sony Smooth reflection App to shoot long exposure instead of filters

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Perfect time

As I always said the perfect time to shoot is Morning & Evening, both of the photograph you saw above was taken in the evening at the blue hour. All you need  is plan your trip and get a perfect location and pick a composition and start shooting once time arrived. for the perfect shot is when water goes back towards the sea, the flow is very smooth and calm when it pulling back to the sea.

When shooting seascapes, rocks and trees play a big role & it’s beautiful when water create beautiful lines in the foreground.

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Safe Side

As I said it’s fun to shoot but be careful when shooting, salt water isn’t good for your camera or any electronic device. and also get rain cover, it’s cheap. if the sea if rough be careful from the waves as I have a very bad memory. I lost one my gear and so be careful when shooting.

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