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How to Upload Photos to Facebook without losing Quality

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

How to Upload Photos to Facebook without losing Quality – If you’re a Facebook user you already know that it’s not only you can me in this platform and it’s the fastest-growing Social media Network in the world.

so obviously with a 2.5 billion of active users, they can’t keep high resolutions images in their servers, They have to compress it. The maximum with Supported by facebook is 2048 pixels following 720, 960, 1024. The short side can be a custom size.

So no matter what dimension you upload, every photo and video will be automatically compressed by Facebook.

So there’s a way of doing it, and this is method is so far the most successful method to upload photos without losing quality.

What do you need to do ?

  1. open your image in Photoshop and change to image size to 2048 pixels. (Image > Image Size > Change the longest side to 2048 px )

How to Upload Photos to Facebook without losing Quality

2. Export the Image ( File > Export > Save For web )

how to export images for facebook images by anushka eranga

3. Then change details according to the image below

Facebook image format by anushka eranga

For Landscape or images you want focus more details – use Bicubic sharper, if you upload portraits or smooth images choose Bicubic Smooth.

Now Job is done, Select PNG24 as mentioned above and then click SAVE.

That’s all !! Do you want some tip to Travel Bali, then click here. Follow my Instagram and Facebook Page here and if find this useful donate me a little continue my works.

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