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HOW TO GET CRISPY SHARP IMAGES – In any kind of Photography we all want to have sharp images. Because sharpness means details. So there are a few things you should know before start shooting. Actually there are 3 things to consider when we talk about sharpness. Those are the lens, the camera, and the technique you’re shooting.

  1. Lens – You need to have a good quality glass in front of your camera. so when choosing a lens find out the performance of your lens and also check the reviews. Regardless of the brand, there are ups and down on lenses depend on the Focal Distance.

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2. Camera – Check your camera sensor, especially when you are going out from the air-conditioned area to outside. Basically it happens when you travel from one temperature to another.


Shot with Sony A7RIII | Zeiss 55mm F/1.8

And it happens to me when I go to the desert to take pictures. Because during we travel to the desert we keep on the AC and when taking out the camera there’s humid on the sensor and also inside the eyepiece.

  1. Shutter Speed – it’s obvious your images will blur when shooting with less shutter speed. this caused especially when shooting at Weddings or other events.

  2. – For example, if you use less shutter speed to get more light eventually your images will be blurred depends on the occasion. so once you click the photo Zoom-in and check that you’re getting it perfectly or not.

In case of a LONG EXPOSURE definitely use a proper tripod. these days we all use lightweight tripods so hang a sang bag to the center column, so it won’t move.

© Image Credit – Digital Photo Magazine

  1. As well you can also use a remote shutter release or your smartphone, so you won’t touch the camera when pressing the shutter.

  2. ISO is also effects your sharpness, so when using high ISO check what’s the best ISO performance value for your camera model.

Once you achieved the sharpest possible results with the highest level of detail by the camera there’s also another way to increase the sharpness. That’s by enhancing using software like Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Unsharp Mask – A well-known method of many photographers, using

Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask

  1. High Pass Filter – This method also can improve your sharpness.

Filter > Other > High Pass

You can also increase Sharpness using Third Plug-ins.

  1. TOPAZ LABS – AI Clear ( Bundle 59.99 USD )

  1. DXO NIK Tools – Sharpener Pro ( Bundle 99 USD )

So those are the options available and surely there will be more if you know any method apart from these mentioned methods above do let me know, so I can add them too. Click here to Learn how to Upload Photos without losing quality

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