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How to Twirl in Photoshop

How to Twirl in Photoshop – Yes, we’re all fed up I know, but finally, I see people got to some good stuff. Many of the girls are now on TikTok doing their crazy thing like every day. also, I see people now have time to talk with each other, especially with their family members.

Some do sketches, some do dancing some do watch movies and TV series all day every day. so here I am bringing something you already knew but never did in a very long time. That is the TWIRL effect in Photoshop.

so let’s get back to work… Open Adobe Photoshop

  1. Open the image you want to Twirl – if it is more colourful then you’ll get nice lines on your image.

2. Then use colour balance and add little more saturation.

3. Then Duplicate the layer and convert the Duplicated layer in to a Smart Object

4. Select the same layer ( Smart Object ) and apply Radial Filter

– Filter > Blur > Radial Blur

Then your Image will be like this. ( below )

5. Then you Need duplicate this image and then add layer effect to ” Lighten “

6. Now we’re going to twirl the image – Filter > Distort > Twirl

Then you’ll get a Image like below

Now you need to mask this image or you can even add more Twirl effect as you wish.

This is the Final Image.

I hope these steps are not complicated, if it is ask me in the comments section.

Thank you ❤️

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