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Light & Composition in Photography

Light & Composition in Photography – While many of us follow the light to get a perfect picture there’s a very important part we always left behind. By my experience, it happens for a few reasons.

1. Being Excited – this happens mostly when you’re an amateur so when you see a perfect light in a place you get excited and you forget all the things you should follow before the lights fade out.

2. Unplanned – it’s an obvious you gonna miss the best shot if you’re not prepared. so if you are in a path to become a pro photographer always work on a plan and be on time. otherwise, you’ll miss both the light and the composition

3. Not geared up- You might have a perfect eye and a unique composition in your mind but if you don’t have the right gear at the right time you’re not gonna get the best out of that moment.

after all, if you’re always trying to find the perfect light but ended up with a bad shot the fault is on you. Because you have missed the best composition.

so to find the perfect Light & Composition in Photography is more successful when you execute it up to a plan. My personal opinion is, try to get the best composition rather than light and it’ll be worth even though you don’t have good lighting on a bad day.

Shot this with Sony A7RIII | Sony 16-35 F/2.8 GM

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