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Sony A9II – With Lot of Improvements

It’s another surprise by Sony as they announced the Sony A9II with a lot of improvements while many of us waiting for Sony A7SIII. That makes some people disappointed with Sony. So, for those who are waiting for Sony …All I can say is hold on… Because Sony won’t disappoint you. 😉

So this is what you’ll get from Sony A9II, it is almost same as A7RIV. only the difference is the extra dial on the left side.

There are NO improvements on video ( NO SLOG / HLG) so this will disappoint you a bit if you are someone who wanted more video features from A9II. How ever Body stabilization is improved and it has improved the touch screen.

Apart from all of the above Sony has improved the Wifi Connectivity, now it has 5GHZ + Gigabyte Ethernet. So now you can transfer files much faster.

The A9II also has Voice memos, I really want to check this my self once it arrived. As well now you can save your camera settings to The SD card same as Sony A7RIV.

So after checking all the specs and its improvements, what I can say is Sony has focused on the workflow of all professional Photography who shoot Sport & wildlife photography for their living.

So if you’re anyone of them you don’t need to sell your kidney, because this isn’t for you. 🙂

I will put a small chart below.. so you can understand what has been improved. It’s Basically the processor and it helps to improve overall camera features.

Well I forgot to mention The A9II has 2 slots of UHS-II

A9 vs A9II Specs Comparison

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