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How to install Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps ( In Sri Lanka )

How to install Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps ( In Sri Lanka ) – It’s regret to inform everyone that Sony PlayMemories Apps are not Available for Sri Lanka & it’s not available in the Country list too, The Reason is Copyrights Law and it will take time to include Sri Lanka to its list.

So here are the Methods to install apps to your Sony Mirrorless.

Alternative 1:

  1. Open account, and then buy a PlayStation gift card (Digital code) and load it into the Sony Entertainment Account (under Playstation Network)

  2. The above the will load the “Wallet” with funds using the code that customer has purchased, then use this wallet to buy in the Playmemories site your intended apps.

  3. Here is a quick video on how to implement the above:

Alternative 2:

  1. The time-lapse application can be used via smartphone and connect via the free smart remote control app from the playmemories site.

  2. Customer can search for “Timelapse – Sony Camera” on Andriod Playstore. If you can’t get this done by your self visit one the CameraLK store in Sri Lanka, they’ll guide you.

  3. Thank you! please do comment below if you need to know more info. 

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